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Bruce Carsten has 37 years of experience in the switchmode field, with over 50 published papers and twelve patents. With 15 years of production design experience ranging from 100 mW to 10 KW, he understands the pragmatic needs of the harried design engineer. During the mid '80's, he moved into applied research, technology development and consultation to assist others in the field. Since 1995, he has presented over 120 design seminars in 9 countries, including 14 states in the US.

His practice oriented design seminars emphasize an intuitive understanding of the principles involved, and are based on years of practical experience. Math is kept to a minimum, with just enough equations to quantify effects whenever possible.

Our products are centered around a growing line of electromagnetic interference diagnostic equipment, which presently include five H-field and two E-field Sniffer™ Probes.


Bruce has been an innovator and early adopter of many 'modern' technologies, including:

  • 5-9 KW, 20 KHz switching regulators in 1972
  • Constant frequency/peak current mode controlled dc-dc converters in 1974
  • 500 W switchmode dc-ac sine wave inverters in 1974
  • A "bullet proof" 1 KW sonar amplifier for the Canadian navy in 1976
  • A 600 W UPS for cable TV amplifiers in 1977
  • "Active clamp" transformer reset forward converters in 1978
  • "Hot pluggable" power modules in N+1 redundant power systems in 1980
  • The first commercially viable switchmode telecom 'rectifier' (48V, 200A) in 1982. Natural convection cooled, efficiency was 93% from 50%-100% load, incorporated poly-phase switching. And met FCC Class A EMI standards
  • Foresaw the future in low voltage logic, and developed a 48V to 2V, 50A 500KHz dc-dc 'proof-of-concept' converter using surface mount power technology in 1984, and wrote early papers on distributed power systems until 1991.

EMI Diagnostic Test Equipment, Design Seminars, Consulting, and Technology Development Services

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