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In addition to the EMI Sniffer™ Probes, the following products are also available:

  • Oscilloscope Clipping Pre-amplifiers

    These battery powered 100 differential pre-amplifiers operate with 1.5 KV to 4 KV peak inputs (depending on model), with switch selectable symmetrical clipping at 10, 20 or 50 volts. Recovery from a 1 KV 'overload' is typically 200 ns to within 200 mV. Price: $950 each.

  • "FETPULSE" power FET and Floating Drive Board

    This 2" x 3.5" PC board contains a (customer selectable) floating power FET and drive circuitry. Inputs are +5V, common, and a CMOS compatible drive command. The floating FET drive of +14V and -7V is derived from the +5V logic supply with an on-board dc-dc converter. Outputs are the floating FET source and drain, with 1KV isolation from the logic input. The gate drive current is about 5A, and propagation delays are on the order of 20-40 ns, with allowed FET conduction duty cycles of 0-100%, and I/O slew rates of 100 V/ns are tolerated. Price: $300 each.


Related EMI diagnostic products in the development or planning stages are:

  • Low noise 20dB and 40dB preamplifiers, to aid in EMI diagnosis in very low noise applications.

  • An external add-on LISN ac line filter, which improves 50/60 Hz line voltage rejection by 80+ dB, which allows time domain viewing of conducted noise.

  • A transformer network for the simultaneous separation and isolation of common and normal mode conducted noise.

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