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Since 1995 Bruce has presented over 100 seminars in Canada, Spain, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, Singapore and 14 states in the US.

His practice-oriented design seminars emphasize an intuitive understanding of the phenomena involved, include many rules-of-thumb, and keep the pragmatic needs of the harried design engineer in mind. Math is generally kept to a minimum (or banished to an appendix), with just enough equations to quantify effects whenever possible. Seminars are one day in length unless noted, and include about 120 pages of comprehensive and fully annotated notes to minimize the note taking required by attendees. All seminars also include a Bibliography, sometimes extensive, for further information and study.

The following seminars are presently available:

These Seminars are often presented at the customer's premises, and are often given regularly at various conferences and with other organizations. Seminars are revised regularly; contact info (at) or carsten (at) for detailed outlines of any seminars of potential interest, or for presently scheduled seminar venues.

"Customized" seminars can also be developed by selecting material from the standard seminars.

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