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(Now a Two Day Seminar)

This seminar has been further updated and expanded into a two day seminar, which presents and discusses all of the ways in which switching power converters can generate EMI, and provides practical approaches to the minimization of EMI in the design phase. Minimizing EMI is not a "black art", but does require and intuitive understanding of how changing voltage and currents can generate and couple IMI to the outside world. The conceptual problem is that most IMI sources are overlooked as appearing "trivial", but only a few to tens of nanowatts of coupled power will cause failure to meet IMI requirements.

Only a third of the "components" affecting EMI are shown on the schematic and the bill of materials; another third are the parasitics in the components you build or buy, and at least a third are generated by the physical circuit design and layout. Seminar topics include:

  • Types of EMI, and typical sources
  • EMI reduction principles
  • Clarification of the several distinct concepts of "ground" and "grounding" which often cause confusion
  • Internal component parasitics affecting EMI
  • Magnetic and electric field shielding
  • Normal (transverse) mode conducted noise and filtering
  • Common (longitudinal) mode noise, sources and filtering
  • Inductor and transformer stray fields
  • Snubbing and damping of ringing to reduce narrowband EMI
  • PCB design and circuit layout
    • General layout and power flow considerations
    • The several useful functions of a ground plane
    • Identification and ranking of high dI/dt loops for design priority
    • Identification and ranking of high dV/dt nodes for design priority
    • Bypassing and layout of logic circuits for low noise sensitivity
  • Scope probe parasitics affecting voltage waveform measurement
  • Locating EMI sources with H-field probes
  • Additional EMI diagnostic techniques

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